(Facebook review) We were looking for a tutor after our daughter experienced difficulties with maths during the March lockdown. From first contact with Fiona we felt confident that she would be able to help.

Her lessons are clear and at the pace our daughter needs to progress her understanding. Fiona is caring and has been able to create an online learning space that has really made a difference to our daughter.

I thoroughly recommend Fiona’s tuition.

Samantha: Parent of year 11 GCSE pupil

“….she said yesterday that she was really proud of herself- I couldn’t have asked for a better response from her. Thank you again- you really were the perfect teacher for her.” (Dec 2020)

“ She did get a place at the Girls High (Grammar School) and she was also awarded the Queen’s Academic Scholarship to Ipswich School! So thank you again- amazing job!” (April 2021)

Liz: A parent of Year 5 pupil receiving 11+ tuition.

My son was put in the middle set at high school, after tuition from Fiona he moved up to the top set and is getting on fantastically- so pleased!

Will: Parent of a Year 8 Maths pupil.

We are very pleased with the progress our nine year old son has made in the last year of dedicated educational support with Fiona Cannings Tutoring. Our objective has been to provide support for our son so that he will be prepared for taking the 11+ and Fiona has been excellent in providing this expert support. Fiona has taken care to assess our son’s current school progress and with her experience and knowledge of primary school teaching she has been able to identify any areas that need additional support before building on this foundation and moving through the curriculum and exercises that will help prepare our son. Importantly, Fiona is warm, friendly and creates actively engaging lessons – so much so that our son looks forward to his weekly meeting with Fiona.

Joe: Parent of 11+ / year 4 pupil