SATs English & Maths Tuition


With the more rigorous SATs tests now in place, more children are needing additional support to succeed in their exams. After making initial assessments, I would ensure that all of the curriculum has been covered and fully understood. I would then use practice papers to familiarize children to the test. English and Maths tuition for SATS are taught individually or in small differentiated groups.

General Primary Maths and English

I tutor Maths and English from ages 5-11 years, and this can be for a variety of reasons. As the National Curriculum has become more demanding it can help children keep pace with this, give them more confidence in class and raise their attainment levels.

For those children who are not being challenged enough at school, tutoring is a great opportunity to realise a gifted child’s full potential by working at a higher level and by planning activities that extend thinking.

Catch Up and Confidence Building

Where children are struggling, I provide detailed assessments to diagnose what is hindering progress. I then plan lessons that break concepts into bite size pieces making them easier to grasp- children should never feel overwhelmed and confused. Ensuring that learning is fun, and building children’s confidence in their own ability is key to my teaching. I use a wide range of games and hands on equipment making learning an enjoyable experience.

Find Out More

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