11+ Tuition

Quality Teaching

I tutor Maths, English, and verbal reasoning to prepare children for the 11+ exam. Highest standard teaching is at the forefront of my tuition and I believe that children learn best when they are enjoying what they are doing. I draw on over 10 years’ experience as a classroom teacher to keep lessons fun and engaging without compromising on the quality of teaching.

11+ Groups and 1 to 1

Children are tutored for 11+ in small groups or individually. Ideally children will start at the beginning of Year 4, although some may begin in year 5. I assess your child’s ability, and tailor my lesson plans to ensure weaknesses are found and addressed early, whilst maintaining areas of strengths. If I form tuition groups, I put children together of similar ability. I believe children get a lot out of the competition of being in a group, though for some children 1 to 1 may be more appropriate. We can discuss which approach may be most beneficial if you are unsure.

Year 4 – Raising The Level

Year 4 tuition focuses on bringing children up a level. By the end of Year 4 the aim is to cover the Year 5 Curriculum and ensure all areas of Year 4 are secure. Performing at Year 5 level by the end of Year 4 means that we can focus the following year on 11+ exam preparation and ironing out any areas that need additional work. If you have missed tutoring in Year 4, then don’t panic! Many children do start in Year 5, they may just have a steeper learning curve than a child who has already covered the Year 5 Curriculum, or a child who has had exam coaching perhaps at prep school.

Year 5 – Exam Preparation

Exam preparation becomes more of a focus as exam day draws nearer and is a large part of Year 5 tutoring. Preparation will include 11+ practice papers as well as reviewing and securing the skills already learnt over the previous year. I am a tutor who will take great care to prepare my pupils fully, and give children the best opportunity to succeed in their 11+ exam.

Expectations And Suitability For The Exam

I keep parents informed of progress throughout the 11+ journey. I give honest appraisals of a child’s ability and how they compare to their peers. Competition for school places are high and the 11+ exam is tough. My aim is to ensure that all children who are put forward for the exam achieve their very best on the day. You can read more about how I tutor for the 11+ by going to my 11 Plus Tuition page.

Helpful information

I will post reminders on my Facebook page about key dates for applications as well as any open days or other information that I think will help you throughout the year. If that’s a help to you, then feel free to follow me here. I also have a page with key information about the Application Process that you may find useful.

Find Out More

Use these links to find out more About Me or My Values. If you would like to get in touch, then use the form on my Contact & Prices page, or call me on 07940 514 025. You can also find me on Facebook.