Fiona Cannings


I am a PGCE qualified teacher with over 10 years teaching experience, and have been a private tutor for several years.

I teach online and welcome children to join my classes from across the UK. My specialism is GCSE Maths tuition for secondary school children, and tuition for the Colchester Grammar 11+ Exam for primary children.

I am passionate that every child should reach their full potential and that an individual’s achievements should be recognised and praised.  I believe in providing a caring, friendly environment where children can grow in confidence as they see themselves progressing in their learning. 

Good relationships with parents are key to enable your child to reach their highest potential; I give honest, friendly advice and feedback, regarding your child’s levels and their individual learning program.

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Places are limited and go fast. Contact me on on 07940 514 025 or email me using the form on the Contact & Prices page. You can also find me on my Facebook page.

We are very pleased with the progress our nine year old son has made in the last year of dedicated educational support with Fiona Cannings Tutoring. Our objective has been to provide support for our son so that he will be prepared for taking the 11+ and Fiona has been excellent in providing this expert support. Fiona has taken care to assess our son’s current school progress and with her experience and knowledge of primary school teaching she has been able to identify any areas that need additional support before building on this foundation and moving through the curriculum and exercises that will help prepare our son. Importantly, Fiona is warm, friendly and creates actively engaging lessons – so much so that our son looks forward to his weekly meeting with Fiona.